reunion tour? See you in a few years.

monster solo-2
monster solo
Image by foeock
The monster solo, aha! the cheapest price buy from the cheap Beats by Dre Solo
! I love this site! for the cheapest price! reunion tour? See you in a few years.
Or, in this case, solo projectS. While my finger isn't exactly on the pulse of the Columbus music scene (that's what attracted me to Donewaiting in the first place and it was Duffy's love and enthusiasm of bands like Miranda Sound that got me to …
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The Who, Vintage Trouble at the Pepsi Center, 2/12/13 (photos, review)
In the situation of the Who highlighting Moon and Entwistle via video clips – giving them the occasional posthumous solo, even – it's a sincere tribute. And it provokes something powerful on the inside. … Townshend is a monster, still. He's cool and …
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